August 26, 2011

v0.8 done!

The sacred cow has just reached another milestone! Running in version 0.8, REVERT3D now features a simple but fast and easy to use scripting engine and also brings its own integrated editing tools. Those feature a windows-like editor with syntax highlighting, "code sense" code helper, syntax checking, API reference and two different color schemes (black on white / white on black).

(the new script editor, demonstrating the two color schemes)

Beside the scripting stuff, the biggest leap in v0.8 probably is the editor environment rework, which now allows a near seamless switching between the gamelogic and editing tools at any point. This means: Build your map in 2D/3D editor mode, run your game with the latest changes by just clicking a button, test it, switch back and continue work - The system includes all modifications made to the scene including scripts changes.

August 10, 2011

On the way to v0.8

Since releasing the demo, we are heavily working on the REVERT3D scripting frontend. It will feature an integrated script editor which can be accessed from within the map editors. It features a simple but (hopefully) yet useful editor with syntax highlighting, function browser and complete API reference. The screenshot to the lower left features the current version, which is just working not bad to this point. To test the whole mess, we're currently translating all of the demo code into the scripting language (which is Lua, BTW). You can see some portions of the door code in the screenshot.
We also did a lot of improvements on other parts of the engine like completing the load/save menu for the map editors and adding some eyecandy to the 2D map view - It now displays the floor textures, making it easier to locate specific map regions when working in 2D.