November 19, 2010


Yes, thats Mr. Spock and a christmas tree - No, we're not sure about what they're doing on board of a space station :) Ok, we just got our 2D sprite system running. It currently allows us to place three different kinds of fancy oldschool sprites in the scene:
- Fixed orientation (Always face the same direction)
- Fixed orientation multi-plane (Multiple sprites sticked together)
- Billboards (Which always face into the camera)
... all of whom can be animated as well. In addition, billboards can use combinations of different angles/frames, making it possible to change the texture depending on the viewing angle (That's exactly how all the 90s actor sprites were done). You probably already have noticed, that the screenshot to the left features all this stuff :)

November 10, 2010

System Shock map importer

Guess what is this? Absolutely! This is the first level of System Shock (medical deck) Based on the work of the infamous TSSHP group, we have just implemented a scene-loader extension which loads original "Shock" maps into REVERT3D.
There's still a lot of work to do: Texture assignment and texcoord-offset still need some improvements. Also, objects can not be imported yet - Level geometry only.
Technically, the entire level is converted to the REVERT3D scene format and thus underlies its very own restrictions. You can see some dark spots on the level map: That's where REVERT3D could not convert a tile (We still haven't implemented "sloped ridges" yet) Please visit our screenshots section and have a look at some 3d "ingame" shots as well.