July 20, 2011

Demo release

As promised, today we release a small interactive engine demo. We took the chance to pick a stable version from the current developement branch which currently focuses on API developement. (Normally, in this state stability isn't always with us ^^) I hope this will give you an impression about what REVERT3D is going to be in the future. We're sorry that we cannot offer much documentation yet. While the demo should be pretty self explanatory, you will unfortunately have to figure out things by yourself when it comes to the editors - A small online help for the scene editor is all we can give you to this point. (You can open it by pressing F1).

(edit) Hah, someone out there recorded a vid showing the demo and put it on youtube :D
Thanks! I hope its ok if I link it here:

Download demo: https://rapidshare.com/files/2819842822/R3Demo.zip

We would also appreciate if you check out the readme.txt file and report any problems to us (don't forget to send a brief hardware/os description).
And please be patient - This thing is work-in-progress :)

July 13, 2011


Hey folks! Within the next few days, we will release a small interactive engine demo (Which is some kind of a byproduct of the REVERT3D API developement process) It's basically a small test scene which you can move through in a classic FPS-like manner, featuring different objects (some of which you can interact with), lighting, doors, skyboxes, the new physics system... almost everything we have implemented so far. We will also enable the inbuilt editors to let you modify the scene or mess things up to your desires :)