re·vert (r-vûrt) intr.v. re·vert·ed, re·vert·ing, re·verts
To return to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief

REVERT3D is the name of our homebrew game/graphics engine. Work is still in progress and in an early stage of the developement process. We consider it as a pure fun project, without any commercial goals. To revert to the classic, oldschool roots of game dynamics is our passion.
We're totally aware that this stuff has been done many times and years before and only few people will take notice or even find it useful - Our motivation is to do all this fancy stuff by ourself that was such an astonishing rocket science back in those days. We understand this project as a trip back in time to the good old times of 3d gaming, when 3d games in fact weren't really 3d.
REVERT3D is a so-called 2.5D engine. Level geometry is build on a two-dimensional grid. In general, it supports tiles (surfaces within the grid) with different heights, slopes and diagonal walls.
If that sounds more familiar to you: Its capabilities are somewhere in between Wolfenstein and Duke3D. It's probably most comparable with the System Shock 1 engine - Which, in fact was one of the major sources of inspiration to do this!

Oh, yes and REVERT3D can be read "geek-style" as well, to read "reverted" - clever huh? :o)

In the strange unlikely case, that someone really wants to use REVERT3Dit will be open source and free software. As soon as developement and documentation reach a stable and usable stage, we will publish what we have done.

Code base & environment so far:
Visual C++ 6.0 (Will be ported to a newer version soon - probably VS2008)
Win32 application, MFC support
OpenGL rendering

By now, you can either build the engine from source or link it as a static library. For the future we plan to implement different ways to make use of REVERT3D, each targeting a different type of user:

Use REVERT3Ds integrated tools to build your 3d worlds. No sourcecode manipulation - no compiler needed. The engine runs a standard implementation for 3d games. Game logic is implemented in LUA scripts.

Link REVERT3D as a static library to your project or build it from source. Modify everything to your desires. Current codebase is Visual C++ 6 (yes, 6! We're sorry about that, but we will port it to at least VS2008 soon)