This is a brief overview of our developement roadmap. Please keep in mind that features - although marked "finished" - will be improved and may be reworked frequently. Actually, I believe theres no specific state like "done" in software developement. We mean "in a useable state" when we say "done" :)

Currently working on: v0.9 (Toolkit game features, Sound engine)

Status   Milestone   Features  
Done  v 0.0 > 0.4 And in the beginnig there was nothing but great chaos and Shodan said:
Let there be order and c++ classes!
And the chaos was not chaos anymore and all the structures
and elements and the holy polymorphism arose in all their glory! :)

Done  v 0.5 This was the first useable package featuring:
Core system logic
OpenGL rendering system
Scene management system
Basic user framework
Basic integrated GUI
Basic 2D/3D editor functions
Load/Save map
Lighting system

Done  v 0.6 Object management system
Animated 2D/2.5D objects (billboard, flat)
Static 3D objects (3DS models)
External object editor
Configuration file formats
Map importer (System Shock maps)

Done  v 0.7 Simple physics (gravity and force)
Collision detection and response

Done  v 0.8 LUA scripting engine
Integrated script editor
Extended user framework / REVERT3D API

WIP  v 0.9 Sound system
Standard game implementation for R3D Toolkit
Simple GUI editor

   v 1.0 Intial release version
Covering the complete set of (improved/reworked) features
Code clean-up and optimization
Documentation work

   v 1.1 > ... To be defined / Depending on future requirements