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  1. Hm, why does the demo appear to freeze when importing and tweaking a System Shock level, music still playing tho. Tried to play one imported level but no chance. Not even after dropping the floor underneath the player and shrinking him to half his size.. All I see is the button I placed on a wall before and the key-help.

  2. Ahh, the player is to tall by default and spawns not at height 0 but somewhere below it seems. Anyway, could you please investigate a free 3D model format that's compatible with most modeling software, the one I'm using being Blender 2.59 currently, something like collada .dae (i believe google-sketchup supports dae as well) or wavefront .obj would be nice! :)

  3. Yeah, the player sprite is 1.6 units tall, while most of the Shock locations got a corridor height of one tile. So, when the engine tries to spawn the player object at the default location (which is 32,0,32) it fails, placing you nowhere :( Yould change the players object sprite using the object editor (Player.r3o) However, the next demo will handle this way better!
    As for the models: Currently, its 3ds only for which most modellers should feature a 3ds exporter. (There will be more supported formats in the future, anyway)


  4. Ahh, that is nice to know indeed! Blender 2.59 exports 3ds but for some reason it will just crash when I try to open the object list in the editor with a custom 3ds from blender included. :/ Weird export I guess.
    Btw what would you call yourself as developer(s) was looking to add this gem to winehq appdatabase since the editor is not launching.

  5. You can send me the model and I'll take a look at it, if you want. Unfortunately there is always the possibility to encounter some glitches since this is under heavy construction for a long time :)
    Running R3D using wine is a very nice idea. Actually, we never really thought of it yet :) We're using pretty much standard stuff (WinAPI, MFC, OpenGL), so generally this should work quite good. Which editor are you talking about that doesn't launch? The object editor?


  6. I realy love youre demo.

    it works mostly well and is realy easy to use.

    but now i am on the point where i need the next demo :) cause i wanna kill someone/something and wanna get killed from my own creatures

    hope to get it sooooooon :)

    just 1 question :)

    can u please insert a "anaglyph stereo" option in the future?

    i heared that it isnt that hard to do with open gl. just 2 times render the same (with a little moving to the side and colorfilters for each camfew) thats what i heared :) but i am sure it sounds easyer then it is

    but i am sure i am not the only one who love games in "real" 3D

  7. Nice to hear :D We're working on a new demo and it'll be released in a few days. It features the new scripting engine with all the demo code translated into scripts.
    A basic enemy AI will be part of the R3D standard game implementation. This is something we will focus on the next weeks. You can of course try to create your own AI using the script engine :)

    BTW Anaglyph stereo: Thats a pretty cool idea and I will keep that in mind!

  8. Hi again :)

    ok, i dont know .... maybeyou know it already.

    if i create a object in the object manager and place it in a map, ---- i save this map and open the game to test out what i have done --- and if i then think - oh no thats shit - and replace the object in the map editor,AND deleet it in the object manager, AND save the map then again, AND open it as game then, THEN the game dosend start.

    in this case u need to make a object with the same objectname u deleeted befor ( it can be just clean with no direction and else) and save it. after leaving the objectmanager you can open the map as a game .......

  9. Hi Robert

    The new demo works well.
    but :)
    you wrote - You can of course try to create your own AI using the script engine :)

    i am a so bad programmer i even cant work it out how to make a bot moving .....

    ok a difrent thing
    sometimes the mapeditor place the player outside the grid. thats mostly the point if u press "test game" and see only a black screen.

    sometimes a black map is just realy corupt, or i cant find the reason why i didnt see anything :)

  10. Hehe ok, we are just working on a small tutorial series to show you how it could work.

    For the black screen: This happens, when you place the cam at an illegal position when testing the map (in the void, inside a solid wall or in a place where theres simply not enough space for the camera object). just return to the editor, place the camera somewhere else (press C) and test again. You can zoom the editor-map in/out to get a better overview where you are (mousewheel or +/-)

  11. Hallo Robert. Wie gehts'? (Ja, ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch :-)

    Revert3D seems to crash randomly when creating a sloped sector and texturing.

    I'm using Window$ V1sta 32Bits.

    Other than that, it seems to work very well. Still, I will be reporting to you if other errors happens.


  12. Oh, and I forgot, it also crashes after some Copy-Paste's in 3D mode.

    When Copy-pasting, it crashes after pasting the second time if the sector in clipboard has slope, and crashes after 5 pastes if the sector in clipboard doesn't has any slope.


  13. Hallo Alberto,
    mir geht es gut. Ich hoffe, dir auch :)

    Well, it shouldn't crash and I cannot reenact to get these glitches either. Maybe its got something to do with Vista and its gruesome user restrictions? Are you running the latest 0.8.1b demo using an admin account?

  14. Hi there. It's me again.

    I tried running Revert3D as Admin, but it crashes anyway.
    The same happens for compatibility mode with WinXP compat mode.

    But I will install Window$ Vista Service Pack 2. Maybe it can solve the most commmon Vista problems.

    Bis später.

  15. Ok, forget it. It's a Vista problem.

    I can run Revert3D without any problem on my Windows7 laptop. It seems that Revert3D can't work on Vista.


  16. Thanks for the info we will check it anyway. Vista can be annoying keeping you from doing the simplest stuff :p

  17. It's ok.

    I almost use all the time my Win7 laptop. I know Vista is sh*t. I can't even register a simple DLL or OCX...

    I miss one feature in this engine: read textures/sprites from a PK3 and/or WAD file.

  18. Hi,
    any chance to get the full source code?
    I am interested in using this engine on mobile platform.

  19. Well.. I currently am in a little disagreement with my former teammate about releasing the sourcecodes, so... You can imagine, this is really a punch in the face, after all the work thats been done :( I'll post the news here as soon as things have cleared up.
    However: Porting R3D to a mobile device would probably be a sh!tload of work. Its been designed for windows and at least 50% of the code was written using Win32 API and MFC.

    1. MFC is no big deal really. Win32 API calls on the other hand, might have to elseif in some POSIX there.

  20. To be more specific, i would like to port it to "AirplaySDK" ( It supports different versions of OpenGL. I agree that the MFC code isn't suitable to be ported to other platforms. I guess the MFC part is related to the editor. My primary aim is to port the rendering engine, all other parts (editor, etc.) could remain on windows. So, it would be great if you could help me with that.

  21. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    Linux version? Please.

    Running it in WINE is a bit annoying, although it works well, I would like to run a native version.

    Danke bis später.

  22. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    Here a pair of screenies running it on my Linux box under WINE:

    Testing map:

    2D builder:

    Also you should create a kind of forum to have a better and more organized place for messages.

  23. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    when you port it to android you get loads of DLs ;)

  24. This is awesome. MORE than awesome. :D

    Is there some way to compile the map/scripts to EXE ? In order to make a distributable game ?

    If not, I really hope you release a version that allows us to do that, this is amazing !

    keep up the good work,

  25. any more updates on the project? it's too quiet on this website... :S

  26. Dont worry, dev time is rare but we're not out of business :)

  27. btw revert3d engine not on rapidshare

  28. I'm interested but i can't download it

  29. I noticed is missing from rapidshare. Do you need help hosting the file?

  30. Robert, we need more posts! :(

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  32. Dear creator of Revert 3D,

    I want to be able to make a First Person RPG with your engine. I want to make a game that is very similar to System Shocks 1+2, Ultima Underworld, and Deus Ex. But I want to know how to use your engine:

    Can outdoor areas and architecture be rendered in your engine?

    Is it possible to swim in your engine?

    Those are just a few (if odd) questions I have. I implore you for guidance on how to work the engine.

  33. AnonymousMay 24, 2014

    One year and no updates. I assume this project is dead, no?

  34. AnonymousJune 19, 2014

    Release the source code on github or elsewhere guys and community will make the rest. I don't wanna see this awesome project die :'-(

  35. Hey Robert, please come back...

    I've been watching your project for nearly 3 years now, i just can't say goodbye to it.

    If you're going to abandon this project, please make a final post... ='{

  36. Just discovered this engine. I'm pretty excited about using it. I hope the creator Robert comes back and continues his work. He should setup a Paypal account so we can send him some dinner/lunch money. I will gladly contribute. His engine is the best option I found for this style of graphics.

  37. Hi I hope you still working on this one. I'm looking forward to the next release. This engine is nice but not to complex which is the most appealing. Alot of possibilities for creativity.