October 25, 2011

Crewbot on duty

Hello again! Today we show you two screens from our current demo game, which we create in order to test and develop the new REVERT3D gamelogic functions. Its going to be a small (not so serious) action adventure primarily intended as a "how-to" for demonstrating REVERT3Ds capabilities but also for having some fun, of course! The story takes place on the small spaceship TSS Saturn, somewhere in a distant corner of the galaxy. Being the chief maintenance officer and one of just two humans on board, the players mission is it to get everything back in order after the ship was hit by an asteroid and the robot crew starts acting strange :)

We're also creating some whole new textures and objects for the game. Those will be included in all future versions as well. And there are some new graphics features like blending / transparency currently under developement. Unfortunately (?), we also had to change a lot of the original scripting and scene managenent stuff that was shown in the last demos and figured out being too tricky for getting things to run with. But a more detailed report on this later...