May 8, 2012

Now featuring: New features

Hi folks! In order to prevent people from thinking we dropped dead, lying under our computer desks, its time to post some news :) Its been some time but much has happened although there were no news until now. Some of you already heard about some trouble with former teammates, arguing about wether to release what portions of the sourcecode and stuff. I don't want to bother you much with stuff like that - So, the only thing I want to say is, we're still very motivated on R3D and we will do the best to finish this thing to become a useful tool, even if this means to redesign/reimplement stuff we did some time before. So whats new? First of all, we set up a VS 2010 sourcecode port which works quite fine. We also implemented new stuff like:

Designation of special map areas
Enables you to handle events on stuff entering or leaving a specific region of the map.

Script system redesign
Cleaned up the scripting part, divided code into logical groups like gui/hud/input/game stuff...
New game functions
Simple cutscene events for demo game, HUD, basic inventory, combining/using objects.

New visual effects:
Additive/adaptive blending used for transparency/blending stuff

New GUI elements:
Allows you to add regular objects to a GUI page including animations, events, and stuff.

And last but not least: Lots of bugfixes, major improvements and reimplementation of crappy stuff :)