June 7, 2011

Milestone 0.7b reached

Hello again! We finally tagged the project to v0.7, that means: Physics stuff is more or less done (We added some nice features like air- and ground-resistance to make it look a bit more realistic). With hands on v0.8, we are now working on API and scripting stuff. REVERT3D will feature a safe and easy-to-use API that is build directly onto the engine core functions. The API will be delivered as a static library for use in Visual C++. All API functions are accessible through the scripting engine as well (which is based on LUA scripting). In fact, you will be able to use R3D as a "toolkit", without the need to set up a VC++ project at all (this scenario is, of course, limited to the standard functionalities).

(The small picture to the left shows the REVERT3D launch box - Just because theres not much new eyecandy to show atm ^^)