September 30, 2011

New GUI editor

A new GUI editor has just been added to the REVERT3D "toolkit". Now it is possible to design GUI pages using a (more or less ^^) comfortable WYSIWYG editor and save them to a file. The editor can also be configured to handle custom controls.
It has been a R3D feature since the very beginning (in fact, this was one of the first things we worked on), although we never really showed it, since there was only the "hardcoded" way to create them. The next demo versions will show this stuff and enable you to interact with GUIs using the scripting engine.


  1. very interesting

  2. Hi. New to Revert3D.
    I'm reading the tutorials right now, but this engine is very promising.
    I guess if it's possible to create a turn based game instead a realtime.

    Keep up your good work.