November 14, 2011

Pathfinder AI, ingame GUI and more

Here comes a brief report on demo game developement progress:

We're currently hacking together some stuff thats going to be some kind of "basic AI". In a first approach, we implemented a pathfinder AI which allows to navigate objects through the scene. It will find the best route and avoid obstacles depending on object size, scene structure and stuff. (The first screenshot shows a testing run with the yellow dots showing the computed path) The pathfinder algorithm is based on A*. It distributes calculations over multiple logic cycles, thus preventing the engine from lockups when trying to compute impossible complicated routes.

We also added a new ingame GUI which differs from the standard one - We use it primarily for the ingame HUD, inventory and "speech boxes" (second screenshot).

Last but not least, another screenshot from the demo game. It shows one of the spaceships corridors with emergency-lighting turned on :)


  1. Looking good guys.
    But, it is too much of a tease to post pictures and not have a downloadable demo ;-)

  2. Is there a maximum level size?

  3. Yeah, its all under construction - So, a playable demo wouldn't get you far... You'll have to wait for a few more weeks :)
    Theoretical maximum level size is 1.073.741.824 x 1.073.741.824 :)
    However, you should not even try to create levels of that size. Something around 512-1024 is a good value to get it working. Remember: System Shock has a map size of 64x64 and the maps feel quite huge!