August 26, 2011

v0.8 done!

The sacred cow has just reached another milestone! Running in version 0.8, REVERT3D now features a simple but fast and easy to use scripting engine and also brings its own integrated editing tools. Those feature a windows-like editor with syntax highlighting, "code sense" code helper, syntax checking, API reference and two different color schemes (black on white / white on black).

(the new script editor, demonstrating the two color schemes)

Beside the scripting stuff, the biggest leap in v0.8 probably is the editor environment rework, which now allows a near seamless switching between the gamelogic and editing tools at any point. This means: Build your map in 2D/3D editor mode, run your game with the latest changes by just clicking a button, test it, switch back and continue work - The system includes all modifications made to the scene including scripts changes.


  1. I read there will be a demo in a few days here: One gets such a nice nostalgic feeling with this engine but with the ease of use by modern tools. :)

  2. Great, many thanks for Your commitment