September 7, 2011

Demo v0.8.1

Hello again! The 0.8.1 demo features the newly implemented scripting engine. We translated all of the demo code into scripts to give you an impression about how it works. Don't expect any brand new stuff within the scene. It's more or less the original demo map with the "small" difference that 99% of the game logic runs as a script (Music is still hardcoded).
The available script functions are just a small bit of the whole functionality R3D will offer one day - Actually, it's just more or less everything that was necessary to implement the demo using scripts.
To access the script editor, press F5 while in 2D editor mode or open the properties page of a scripted object while in 3d mode (left click on object).
It is not necessary anymore to exit the editor and restart the demo to test a modified map. Just switch into 2D editor mode and press the "test map" button on the upper tool bar. Make sure to save any changes made to the map, since the engine will reload the map when starting the game logic. To return to the editor, press ESC.

We are sorry, that we cannot offer much documentation yet. You will find most of the commands in the help pages (F1). We'll try to explain how all this scripting / object properties stuff works together by giving you some examples within the next days. I guess some of you already figured stuff out by yourself but I'm sure there are lots of confusing things that need to be explained.

And: Please be patient - This is an in-developement version! Expect glitches and mysterious happenings :) We also had to remove some features which are currently under heavy reconstruction (such as the start-up/video mode dialog).
This demo was intended to show you how scripting could look like in REVERT3D.


We would appreciate if you report any problems using our dev blog or email.

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  1. Nice work.

    When learning the editor I wish there was an UNDO.